April News: New Sashiko Challenge, Japan Trip, and Shows

Yes, I missed another deadline. I had promised to show you the Spring Sashiko Challenge on April 1 and it’s now April 7 and I’ve finally put it together (see below). We had a quilt show on April 2-3 which slowed me down a bit, plus it’s been very busy in the shop lately (thank you!) and I’ve been scurrying to keep up with orders and emails. So… yeah. Deadlines.

Another looming deadline: My Indiegogo campaign is coming to an end on April 15 and I’m nowhere near my goal, which is okay, actually. Things have a way of working out and at this point I’d like to make enough to cover my Japan Rail Pass for 3 weeks. I’m at $466 right now, can you help get me to my new goal of $550? Anything over that will go to paying for hotels. My contacts in Japan are helping out by finding inexpensive (but nice) hotels in various cities along the way, which has also knocked down my expenses quite a bit. I thought I’d be paying $100+ a night for certain cities, but now it’s looking more like $50-75/night. Yay!

Here’s another reason to chip in–the perks! So far I have only four people signed up for the Indiegogo Sashiko Challenge ($20), and with three prizes that means the odds of winning are really good, whatever your skill level. I also have only one student for the full-day Sashiko Class ($100). I’d like to have at least three students because it’s more fun to bounce ideas off one another, so if you’re interested in that one, definitely give it a go. The date hasn’t been secured yet because I want to schedule it for YOU. I will work to find the best date to suit you and any other students. The only other sashiko class I have before the trip is sold out!

For $5 I’ll send you a postcard from Japan. How many of us still get postcards these days?

Why am I going to Japan? To learn from sashiko professionals, dyers, weavers, manufacturers, and to research an itinerary for future tours. You can get the full story as I write it (I’ll post highlights here along the way) by choosing the Early Bird Digital Book for $20. My friend Raven has been saying all along she wanted to read it, so she was my first supporter there. Thank you, Raven!

Want to see the latest import fabrics from Japan? I’ll be vending at the Vallejo Piecemakers Quilt Guild show on April 30-May 1 at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, California.


Can’t wait that long? Schedule a visit to the Kimonomomo Studio in Alameda, CA. Call or text Carol at 925-360-3375 or send an email.

And now for the SPRING 2016 SASHIKO CHALLENGE!

Spring 2016 Sashiko Challenge bits n’ pieces in all their glory

Same rules as before, which means you can make whatever you like with the fabric and thread you receive and you can add more materials of your own, but you must use the materials provided.

Prizes awarded for top three judged submissions:
1st place – $50 Kimonomomo shop credit
2nd place – $25 Kimonomomo shop credit
3rd place – $15 Kimonomomo shop credit

Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2016. I’ll still be in Japan at that time, but I’d love to share your submissions with my friends over there. If all goes well I’ll pick up new materials for the Summer Challenge on my trip and post those here on the blog before I get back. But you know… deadlines and I don’t get along so well, so I’ll do my best.

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