Classes & Lectures

I offer classes at beginner and intermediate levels with all supplies included. Just bring scissors! Lectures are custom tailored to work with your guild and are fun as well as educational.


  • Basic SashikoLearn the fundamentals of sashiko. In this class we’ll cover fabric choices, design transfer techniques, and create a beautiful piece that can be used in larger projects or as-is. Beginner.
  • Boro SashikoWork with scraps to create something new. Based on historical samples of boro from my personal collection, we’ll take bits of this and that, add needle and thread, and make a highly tactile art piece. Beginner to intermediate.
  • Advanced Sashiko Stitches  Learn specific stitch techniques. Running stitches were just the start. Now it’s time to learn those crazy layered designs. Beginner to intermediate.
  • New! Visible Mending Using traditional Japanese mending methods we’ll explore different ways to patch and reuse older fabrics. Intermediate to advanced.

Guild Lectures

Presentation to fit your guild meeting timeframe (typically 1 hour) with hands-on display of 19th and 20th century Japanese textiles including indigo, shibori, katazome, kimono, and sashiko pieces. Discussion of history, techniques, design meanings, and insight into how politics, economics, and environment have shaped how/when/where/for whom these textiles were produced. Q & A session at end of lecture includes a handout with explanation of Japanese textile terms. Trunk show at end of lecture (or end of guild meeting). $450 + travel expenses.

Contact me for more information and a contract to review. My availability is limited as I book several shows a year. If I’m in your area during a show, I’d be happy to visit your guild! This can help cut down on travel costs for both of us.

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  1. Shirley Buckmaster says:

    I have signed up to take your Silk Sashiko class in Houston. I see on your website it appears to be more than an intro class. I have had no experience with Sashiko (like the Basic Sashiko description) will this be a problem? I do cross stitch and embroidery.

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