2016 Winter Sashiko Challenge Winners!

I know, this was scheduled for last week, but between a quilt show and a family emergency things got away from me. It didn’t help that the first two entries were so good we had a difficult time deciding which would place first.

The Spring Sashiko Challenge will be available April 1. Thomas and I have selected fabrics and thread colors for the kits and we’ll be putting them together for purchase in the Kimonomomo Etsy shop very soon. You can also participate in the Indiegogo Sashiko Challenge available here.

So here they are, the first ever Kimonomomo Winter Sashiko Challenge Winners.

First place – Joan Glasper (US)

“I had so much fun designing and stitching this piece! What fun! I was so glad to be introduced to the Tulip Sashiko needles, as they are the best I’ve tried. I can say the same for the Hida thread. Glad to know you carry it.”

joan_glasper1 joan_glasper2 joan_glasper3 joan_glasper4 joan_glasper5 joan_glasper6

“I’m honored that you chose my piece! Making it challenged my creativity, especially when I decided to pair the Japanese green, yellow, and black ikat kimono fabric with the sumi-e fabric, one strongly patterned and the other amorphous. Sashiko is so versatile and there are so many patterns to experiment with and combine. I really enjoy the rhythm of the stitching. My next project is to again pair these same fabrics to make a companion piece that is related but different.”

Second place – Marie-Catherine Bougard (France)

“Here is my final production! I’m very proud of it cause I’ve just start Sashiko. I have such fun to do it.”

sashiko_challenge_marie_catherine1 sashiko_challenge_marie_catherine2

Third place – Sarah Young (US)


“This is my very first Sashiko project so I had no idea what I was doing. I started with the stitching using all the colors you sent, then added raw edged appliquéd butterflies using a somewhat Sashiko stitch to stitch them down. Then I added foil accents on the different colors and the outline of a butterfly. I used the foils, another first, because I wanted to make the little splotches of colors pop a bit and the ‘shadow’ butterfly just caught my interest. It was indeed a challenge, one I enjoyed very much even if I had no idea what I was doing.”


Runner Up Regena F (US) sent in her progress on her reverse applique yet-to-be-completed Challenge piece.

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  1. morris.omorris@gmail.com says:

    Hi, When I go to the link to donate via Indiegogo, the button to paypal does not work, and the pay by credit card button to send payment does not work either.

    Thanks, Fran Morris

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Fran. I heard about this from another friend, but she somehow got it to work a few days later. Not sure what the trouble is but I’ll look into it.

  2. These pieces are amazing! I find such creativity so inspiring, congratulations to the winners!

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