New and wonderful sashiko fabrics for 2016

Orders from Houston Quilt Market are starting to arrive! New fabrics, sashiko kits, and a few kits I’m designing right now will be gracing the Kimonomomo Etsy shop over the next few days and weeks.

For fans of little pre-printed, wash-out hanafukin (hand towels) there are a few new designs to get your New Year started. I’m rather fond of the Rabbit Moon ones, myself, but you might prefer Chrysanthemum or Ume Mon. Available in white or navy blue, I will be stocking more designs in the coming months. These are different from the ever-popular Olympus kits, with brighter lines and different designs.

wagara_panel_navy1If you’re up for a bigger challenge, try one of these pre-printed panels (NOT washout) with several different designs, including leaping carp, bamboo, dragonflies, and a kitten. Available in five different colors: navy blue, black, red, deep purple, and beige, these are printed on a beautifully textured dobby cotton. Previous panels from the same designer have been on plain, flat cotton sheeting, so this is a treat. Also, if you’ve tried one of these panels–“Wagara” from QH Textiles–before and not been happy with how the stitch lines were irregular in places, you’ll like this set. The lines are much more even and appropriately marked.


The panels are quite large, 44.5″ x 39″ (113cm x 99cm) and offer multiple designs for you to work with. From small squares with traditional geometrics to larger sections with dramatic and detailed images, you can tackle it one piece at a time if the whole panel seems a bit overwhelming.

I tried to photograph the entire panel but didn’t have enough space on my cutting table!

More items coming this month… we’ve been cleaning out the old studio space and I have several boxes of remnants, vintage fabrics, and forgotten gems I’ll be sharing soon.

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