Time for a sale!

I brought Thomas along with me to Quilt Market this year in the hope that he would keep my spending under control, but that wasn’t the case. We did stay on budget… until he left and I had one more day at Market on my own to do a little shopping.

So! This means I have too much stuff and not enough space. This is where I dig through a few years of hoarding and bring things to light so you can say “I want that!” and we both feel the satisfaction of a fabulous/unique/Very Special Thing finding the right creative hands to gently fall into.

I’ll be putting items aside for the End of Year Sale Event, scheduled to begin today, November 15, 2015.

What can you expect to be included from this archaeological dig through 10 years of collecting? Vintage yukata and kimono, silk and cotton fabric scraps, bundles of kimono silk pieces, Japanese ceramics, and whatever else I find hidden in boxes, bags, shelves, drawers, and dusty crevices.

I’ll be going through things gradually so expect new items to pop up from time to time, not all at once. I will be at the River City Quilt Guild show in Sacramento, CA for most of this coming week so there will be a bit of a lag while I’m away from my office, too.

Anyway, here’s a little video which includes the coupon code. And remember! You have to use the code at checkout for it to be valid. Do not put it in the “notes to seller” section. Here’s a link to the instructions: How to Apply a Coupon Code

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  1. Do you have any of the Olympus #38 Goldfish in fabric colors other than white? I remembered there being a green version, and I didn’t know if you had it in stock. Thanks!

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