Houston International Quilt Festival 2015

Things started off so well. I dropped off our boxes at the trucking terminal, with all the boxes neatly stacked so they fit together like a 3D cardboard Tetris.


Unfortunately, that’s not how things turned out once the shipment arrived in Texas.


Notice the missing lumber. Almost every box was smashed. Thank goodness it was only fabric and not something fragile, right?


The crew at the George R Brown Convention Center are pretty awesome and they get things done. Here is Steve, who helped set up the booth hardware and reminded me of someone… oh yeah! Shōki 鍾馗.


Joyce helped in the booth during Festival last year, and she’s back again this year, thank goodness. I’d be lost without my Houston crew!

Eventually we got all the bits and pieces where they needed to be, and the show opened for Preview Night. One of my visitors was the lovely Julia, who brought her fabulous version of the Mini Kimono Pattern.


Here’s a view of my neighborhood. I don’t get out much during the day and haven’t seen about 75% of the festival yet. 


Come by and visit us at booth #1126 now through Sunday, Nov. 1. I’ll be teaching my Silk Sashiko class on Saturday (sold out two years in a row!) and I’m always happy to meet all you adventurous and creative people.

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  1. Joyce Perz says:

    Your booth was awesome. I met your helper – Joyce – and am proud to have my products with you in Houston http://www.sashikosouthwest.com

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