I’m back!

I closed the KimonoMomo shop on Etsy in June of this year in order to focus on my writing and the new catering business I was launching. Life was very busy for a while, but has settled down a bit now that winter is almost here. I had packed away boxes of fabric bolts, tucked my sewing machines into a corner of my office, and given up on most of my sewing projects. How could I let that happen?

A bit of the sewing bug stayed alive, and over the summer I completed a beautiful Japanese fukusa with goldwork embroidery on blue silk. In order to have it completed by the deadline for publication in the Winter Gifts issue of Stitch Magazine, I took it with me everywhere for two weeks. I sat on the sofa watching Doctor Who with Thomas and the dogs, I took it to a baseball game and watched the Oakland A’s have another walk-off win, and I squinted at the bright metallic threads in the sun while out on the front porch with the dogs in the long summer evenings.

In November I traveled to London to see a friend get married, then stayed for two weeks to do a bit of wandering. At the re-created Globe Theatre I found a stunning goldwork mask and some beautiful costumes, which I will share in a later post.

In the meantime, the KimonoMomo shop is open until this Sunday, December 16. I will be listing a few items a day, and if you have any special requests, I will do my best to accomodate them. 

Back again soon with more to share!

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