Winding down

We’re almost to the end of the KimonoMomo shop. When I started buying Japanese silk bolts and kimono in 2005, I had no idea how many times I would be moving house, or how many trunk shows, fashion shows, conventions, street fairs, antique shows, museum events, and classes I would be hosting, teaching, or attending between then and now. It’s been fun! And crazy. Stressful sometimes, but most often quite fulfilling.

There were the kimono fashion shows at SakeOne in Oregon, panels and booths at Fanime, SakuraCon, and Kumoricon, talks at public libraries, trunk shows in private homes, classes and talks with a local quilt guild, and dressing the staff at a children’s museum for Hina Matsuri two years in a row. I started several sashiko projects and even finished a few. I wrote articles on sashiko for Stitch Magazine, and reviewed every sashiko book I could get my hands on (there are still several I haven’t read yet, but I’m working on it).

I got friendly with the staff at Kona Bay Fabrics, and relished each and every order of fresh, new bolts I got from them. I still have yardage left, but anything that doesn’t sell by the end of the week goes directly into my personal stash. My mother was a quilter and I have six sewing machines that haven’t been used in the last two years, so I’m sure I can come up with a project to put everything to use somehow. Maybe another class: “Machine Quilting with Asian Fabrics”?

Several of my most favorite fabrics have already gone to good homes. My yukata bolt stock has dwindled to almost nothing, but there are several silk and rayon bolts left. For the doll makers and doll repairers, I will still have a few supplies on hand for you, unless they all sell out in the next few days. Several people have contacted me and requested custom bundles of supplies, and I am happy to oblige. A large box filled with kimono fabric scraps sits behind me in my office (I lost the studio when I moved last time, but the office is a good space, too), and I probably ought to just offer it as a bulk selection and not bother with sorting through it. If you’re interested, let me know.

As soon as the final orders are completed and shipped, I will be moving my kimono, sashiko, fabrics, and antiques back into storage, where I won’t have to look at them for a while. Business has taken a new turn, and between my copy editing business and the catering business I started with a partner last month, there’s a lot to do. I simply can’t wrap my brain around three (four, if you count my tiny jewelry shop, Blue Star Atelier) businesses. Two I can manage, but more than that and none of them can really thrive.

For those who have asked, yes, I can still sell items you want now but can’t get until later. You can always contact me through the KimonoMomo Etsy shop and we’ll make it happen.

Remember! Use the code CLOSINGSALE at checkout for 30% off. Many items are already discounted, so that’s quite a bargain!

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