A Danish textile, and updates for spring

February was a busy month, and between four different conferences (only two of which had anything to do with textiles), I didn’t get around to posting. To make up for the time I took off, I will be posting more frequently about the amazing textiles I viewed last month, and trying out my skills at making films about them. I’m just getting started, so please bear with me.

Danish Weaving

This textile is a beautiful example of a Danish weaving from the late 19th/early 20th century. My friend Michael Craycraft shared it with me while he was in San Francisco for the Hotel Capri Rug Show (more about that in a future post), and he is helping me to find out more about it. From a fellow textile dealer, he received this information:

It is Gothic letters ”Stat du der i stok og sten”
”Stat” is an old Danish word for “Bliv” – It means “stay”
“du” means “you”
“der” means “there”
“I” means “in”
“stok” could be a “stick” but I think it is an old Danish word for “wood” too.
“sten” means “stone”

I would translate it to: “Stay there in wood and stone”.


I will have more updates on the February Arts of Pacific Asia and Tribal Arts and Textile shows at Fort Mason, and the rug show at Hotel Capri in San Francisco soon!

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