Closeout Sale!

I’ve been talking about selling off KimonoMomo now for a loooong time, and now I really do need to get things out the door. To that end, instead of offering coupon discounts and such, I’m going to be listing whole bolts at a deep discount. I’m moving again and simply can’t carry so much stock with me one more time. Much as I love working with these fabrics, they need to move on to new homes of their own (hopefully yours!) and become beautiful things, not sit around in boxes waiting to be sold a bit at a time.

So please take advantage of my situation and purchase a bolt or two (or more) of your own! They will be listed as long as I am able to have the space to sell them. My next move may be tricky and I can’t be sure how long I can keep the shop open in the meantime.

[If you’re reading this early on Sunday, be patient as I update listings to reflect the new prices. Thanks!]

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