October news

The weather is cooler, leaves are starting to turn, and I’m still catching up with all the photos I have to edit of new stock, vintage fabrics, and more kimono than you could shake a stick at (but why would you?). To keep things moving as we turn towards Autumn–and Halloween!–I’m offering free shipping on all purchases from the KimonoMomo Etsy store starting today, Friday October 8, 2010, through Friday, October 15, 2010.

This is a great opportunity to stock up, especially if you live outside the US and would normally have to pay a significant amount for international postage. I love my international buyers dearly, and want to give you this gift as my thanks for being such great customers.

As for the locals, this deal saves you a bunch when you buy heavier items or a larger quantity of small items. Three yards of fabric weighs in at over 13 ounces, which means it automatically ships Priority Mail.

I will be updating my listings to make sure all fabrics currently in stock are actually listed today. If you don’t see the quantity you’d like, or an item you wanted isn’t currently available, contact me and I’ll take a look around the studio to see if I have more. I usually do!

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