Meiji Ningyo Restoration, part VII

The little fellow is coming home!

At long last, our boy is ready to fly!  He is packed and double boxed.  His kimonos are clean but the outer one is oh so fragile.  The dyes and fabric were held together by years of dust.  The black edging around the inner one has been replaced and is quite stabile.  The white inner kimono is clean and also stable.  The outer kimono is the fragile one.  The green outer garment is not tied as I am not sure as to its knot configuration. Glad he has a case to live in so he can watch over you.


I am super excited about this, as I haven’t seen him in months and have been through so much in that time, including moving my house and studio to a larger space. Every day I look over at his empty glass case and wonder how he looks now. Soon we’ll find out!

In other news, the KimonoMomo Free Shipping Sale is still going on. I have such a backlog of work that I haven’t found the time to update the shipping fees on all my items, so jump right in and get some shopping done while I catch up with assorted loose ends.

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