Stitch n’ Bitch

Now that I have a dedicated studio space, several sewing machines and a living room all to myself, I’ll be hosting a weekly Stitch n’ Bitch in the San Francisco East Bay area. If you’ve got an urge to get crafty on Tuesday evenings and would like to join in, RSVP and let me know you’d be interested in heading over. I will send you all the details about time and place.

You will have access to my personal research library, which includes craft books in Japanese and English, books and magazines I’ve been collecting for years, and plenty of other interesting art books that cover sashiko, shibori, quilting and other crafty pursuits. All of the items listed in my shop will be available for purchase (should you be looking for a new project), plus many more items I haven’t even listed yet.

So bring a plate of cookies, a bottle of wine, or just yourself and get cozy with some fun crafters… and my dog. She’ll be so happy to meet you!

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  1. Polly says:

    Oh if only I lived in the San Francisco area!

  2. Capn Dyke says:

    Might Th’ Cap’n be allowed Her Pyrat XO instead o’wine, Me Sweets? Aye, an’ th’Darlin’ Pooch can sit aside Me Self, but ye get t’be sittin’ Closer.

    1. My Dear Cap’n, t’would be an honor.

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