Earlier today a friend challenged me to stock a specific number of items in my shop by 2 a.m. (it’s after midnight as I write this). Occasionally I get stuck in a rut and crawl into a corner with a book and a pot of tea, getting absolutely nothing done for days on end. This is not a good thing to when there are bills to be paid and customers to contend with. However, my friend lured me out of my hideaway with the promise of sushi, on the one condition that I bump up production and actually get some work done.

So here it is, for you and for my gracious friend, a sampling of tonight’s bounty:

Kimono silk scrap bundle #12
Kimono silk scrap bundle #12
Red Chrysanthemum Kimono Panel
Red Chrysanthemum Kimono Panel
Kimono silk scrap bundle #16
Kimono silk scrap bundle #16

More to come. I still have an hour left to work!

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  1. Melanie says:

    I am always amazed at the colours in these fabrics. Just gorgeous!

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