Sumptuous pineapple cherry shibori

I disasemble a veritable bounty of kimono every year and figure I’ve seen some crazy fabric combinations, but this piece made me laugh when I first came across it. Used as a sleeve lining for an early 20th century kimono, this synthetic fabric dyed in bright yellow and vibrant red has oodles of cheeky charm….

Sakiori obi

Sakiori (saki=rag, oru=weaving) is one technique among the fine arts of resourcefulness and reuse. A worn out, damaged or otherwise ruined garment is torn to shreds and woven over a new warp to find another useful life. I know people who cringe when I tell them that I tear kimono apart, but this is something…

Need needles? Yep, we got ’em.

Finally! Sashiko needles have been restocked. New items in the shop will be appearing as fast as I can list them. So far today vintage kimono, sashiko supplies and vintage kimono silk scrap bundles have been added, with more on the way.

Shop updates for late June

So you want sashiko needles. I hear you! They will be back in stock by the end of the week, if all goes according to plan and the USPS holds up their end of the bargain. White thread will be back as well as a few other sashiko supplies. I’m having to economise when it…

Bundles are back

The ever-popular kimono scrap fabric bundles are back in in the shop. My stash practically exploded and spilled out across the studio floor over the weekend, prompting me to take notice of all the bits and pieces I’ve been collecting for years and not passing on to wily crafters like yourself. Last time I put…

June sale now up

The special for this month is 15% off all Japanese yukata cotton yardage. I have a few bolts that are down to just one or two meter-long panels and I’d like to see them find good crafty homes.