hot ‘n spicy

It was 100 F in the shade today, but I braved the sun and took a few dozen photos of new items before hunting down a cold cup of tea and a cozy tile floor to lay down on while spraying myself with Tumalo Lavender water.

Kimono silk fabric scrap pack #11
Kimono silk fabric scrap pack #11

Only two new items listed so far: new kimono scrap packs! Oddly enough, I picked out the hottest colors I could find. I must be losing my mind in the heat.

The rest will be a surprise for later, pending the finishing touches of measuring, photo editing and listing. Yes, I have more kimono. Really pretty ones, mostly iromuji (solid color) with some other beauties mixed in. I love photographing in full spectrum daylight, but I’m not enjoying the sunburn and heatstroke I get while doing it…

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