Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival 2017

After 20 hours of travel (two planes and a bus) I was rewarded with this view from my hotel room window.

The Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival is big. So big they hold it in a baseball stadium. So big it goes on for DAYS AND DAYS, even longer than the Houston Quilt Festival, which seems like forever when I’m working that show. This time I only had to work two days, and I got to sit and sew. On day three I walked the floor with tens of thousands of other crafty folks from all over Japan and around the world.


It was fabulous.

Collected Scandinavian-inspired works of Yoko Saito. Yes, the flowers were real. The scent drifted down the aisles.

When the Tulip Needle Company invited me to come to Japan and do a sashiko demonstration in their booth, I was a little surprised but deeply honored. When they asked me to design a kit for the demonstration, I was excited. When they asked for a total of four designs, I got busy.

More about that later. You came here to see the quilts.


This was one of my favorites, mainly because I’m a gardener and Tokyo isn’t the greenest of cities. I missed my plants.

Good Morning! Under the Olive Tree by Sachiko Yoshida
I Had a Dream of Becoming the Wind

There is so much detail to see in this quilt that the close up and distance shots look like two different quilts to me.

Big quilts are amazing, but I also like the tiny ones. These are from the Framed Quilts Category.


A proud moment: winner posing with her quilt and certificate.


I got to see Shizuko Kuroha again!


There were plenty of interesting vendors to check out, too.

This was a QUIET day. It got busier.

Plenty more to see, but the internet in my hotel is slow and there are so many photos to upload. I’m on a flight to Aomori tomorrow morning, and it’s late Monday night in Osaka while I’m writing this, so I’ll just say…

Stay tuned for Part 2! 

What’s coming up? More Tokyo Quilt Festival, a visit to Takayama, new friends in Osaka, and the rest is yet to happen for me at this point, but I’m excited.

じゃあまたね! See you later!

Part 2 – click here

Part 3 – click here


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Stevens says:

    So inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Love everything.

  2. Sarah Young says:

    Thank you Carole for bringing us along to the festival! Great pictures.

  3. Kris from Cali says:

    Think it was such a great idea to keep us in the loop, on the thread, so to speak! Fascinating imagery.
    Safe travels home. Envious of your trip and the delectable cuisine of Japan.

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