Silk Sashiko class registration almost open for Houston International Quilt Festival 2015

IMG_5222Class enrollment opens July 3 for the Houston International Quilt Festival! If you’d like to take my SILK SASHIKO class on Saturday, October 31, (#749 in the class catalog) be sure to sign up early as last year the class sold out by mid-August.

I’ve had all year to work on improving the class so it will be more organized and well-thought out (I didn’t have my templates printed on time last year), plus I’ve had an extra year to collect more beautiful fabrics to use in the class. The class supply kit include vintage Japanese tsumugi kimono silk, Fujix Soie et hand dyed silk thread, and my favorite Tulip sashiko needles. I’m still working on class details and planning out a great project for you to enjoy working on.


Bring is a pair of scissors and a willingness to learn something new. The point of this class is not to finish a copycat project of something I’ve already done; this is a skill building class, not a finished project class. Creativity is key. We’ll play with stitch length, design, and finding ways to feel comfortable with sashiko and sewing with silk.



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