New in the Kimonomomo shop: Vintage Japanese Ceramics

For the past two years or so I’ve been squirreling away stashes of vintage ceramics I’ve been picking up from estate sales, antique shops, and other sources. In Japan last year I had to resist the urge to buy even more as I didn’t have room in my three suitcases that were already stuffed with kimono, obi, and yukata. Today the light was just right for photographing inventory for the new Vintage Japanese Ceramics section of my Etsy shop so I pulled out bags and boxes of neatly paper-cocooned teapots, cups, and other housewares and got to work.


It’s always tempting to keep the most whimsical pieces for myself, but I think these crab bowls will easily find a home where they will be appreciated and loved.


I didn’t know the name of this sort of side-handle teapot until I found this one and it stole my heart. It’s called yokode kyūsu (横手急須) and the design is just beautiful. I couldn’t quite capture the depth of color and richness of this set in photographs, but I did try. The set was made by the Fukagawa Porcelain Company 深川製磁. Take a peek at their latest catalog! 

More items will be listed as soon as I can get to them. I still have more fabrics to sort through, including several beauties from Kona Bay, plus SO MUCH THREAD I can barely stand it. I’ll be packing and shipping orders all day… no complaints!


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