Video of mechanized silk looms in a Japanese obi factory

It’s not the best footage, but this view of a working Japanese textile mill is entertaining if you enjoy seeing how machinery works, which I do. The sound inside this mill is a lot of clacking and thrumming, not very musical and quite monotonous. However, I enjoy watching the various bits of this and that moving about in what amounts to an amazing symphony of mechanized wonder as shuttles fly and colorful obi emerge from the looms inch by inch.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think in the comment section. The footage is from last year and I gave it a quick edit on my computer so it’s not anything special. I promise better films in the future.

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  1. toriganaku says:

    Your footage of the highly skilled women and the incredible machinery in the obi factory is marvelous. Do you by chance know how, where the pattern itself is stored? Thanks!

  2. Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes says:

    I enjoyed that immensely and look forward to more videos in the future!

  3. Masry says:

    Awesome! I enjoyed watching these highly skilled women and the machinery. My Dad was a machiniest and may have made some of these parts!

  4. Geri says:

    That was really fascinating. I didn’t mind the noise, it is really quite comforting. I loved the women working at the looms, and the way the machines cranked and moved.

  5. Nancy Page says:

    Most interesting to watch these skilled workers doing a great job. Thank you for sharing.

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