Did I mention the free stuff?

I noticed that my Facebook page followers were getting nearer to 200 (still small potatoes, but then again I haven’t exactly been posting much this year), so I devised a plan to pull in a few more and make it a nice round number. Once we reach the magic number (200!), I’ll give away a panel of Kona Bay’s Geisha Panel 6 to a random commenter on the Facebook page. Post on the page, share with friends, tell the world. If things go well, I’ll set up another giveaway for an even bigger number! 300 sounds nice.

But I don’t want my blog followers who aren’t Facebook followers feel left out, so I’ll give away a $10 credit (for any order exceeding $10 before shipping and discount are applied) to my KimonoMomo Etsy shop to one random poster on this or any other thread posted during December 2012 and the end of January 2013 (that includes the previous posts from this month). There may be a few other surprises for my Twitter followers as well…

Keep in touch and stay tuned! New items are arriving in the Etsy shop and will be listed over the next few weeks.

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