Vintage Doll Accessory Packs now on in the shop

As promised, vintage doll items are back in the KimonoMomo Etsy shop. Sending out one or two little fans or tabi at a time was a major hassle, and as I’m getting down to the last of my supplies, I’m offering 8-10 items plus a meter of vintage kimono fabric in each pack. If you are looking to restore an older doll or outfit a new one, these items are wonderfully useful and hard to find.

vintage doll accessories pack 1
vintage doll accessories pack 1

Vintage doll accessories #2

vintage doll accessories pack #3

Each pack will be comfortably nested in bubble wrap and poofy packing material inside a Priority Mail box for US orders or a plain cardboard box for international orders. There are many more items available that have never been listed because I didn’t have decent photographs of them, or they were too delicate to ship on their own. I will be offering these as part of the packs as I go along and get photos updated.

In case you missed it, I’ve also listed several new sets of doll photos, also from the doll maker who collected these little artifacts in Japan back in the 1950’s. The photo sets are helpful if you’re looking for historically accurate doll kimono, poses, accessories or just to get the flavor of how art dolls were made back then. They are in black and white, and would look very suitable in a frame over your desk or in a doll collection area.

vintage Japanese dolls photo set #5
Vintage Japanese dolls photo set #5
vintage Japanese doll photo set #6
Vintage Japanese doll photo set #6

And for those who like to make their own… I have a very few arms and feet left in stock. These would also be good for restoring old dolls, but I’ve heard customers tell me they’ve used them for mixed media art or other doll making projects. The arms have wire in them to allow for a variety of poses, and the feet have a space between the big toe and other toes so that tabi and geta may be worn.

Japanese cloth doll arm and feet
Japanese cloth doll arm and feet

More sets are being assembled this week, so if you have requests, please let me know.

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  1. Ashavenkatesh says:

    How to make cloth hand and feets

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