Home again, bearing gifts

Slowly getting back on track, planning new classes and ordering more beautiful fabrics.

Several times it has been said to me “you really need an assistant” and I know it’s true. Not sure how to go about this other than posting an ad on craigslist–which has worked in the past (thank you, Jacob!)–but I certainly could use a part-time, able bodied and skilled assistant to help me keep things all together and sorted out. I still have heaps of photos and information to write about for my indigo feature, new yukata cotton bolts from Japan, piles of kimono, and other items that have yet to make it into the Etsy shop.

Some days I wonder if I need someone to STOP me from buying more stock! Well, maybe not.

Several beautiful new and vintage fabrics will be listed in the shop later today and tomorrow including shibori. In the meantime, a question: Would you be interested in hand dyed 43″ wide cotton yardage from Japan at $40 a yard?

It’s a little more high end than I usually carry, but it is beautiful and I’d love to have it in the shop if people will buy it. This fabric is available in black, indigo, brown or red. Post your feedback and next week (April 14, 2010) I’ll pick two people at random to receive a small bundle of indigo fabrics.

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  1. trinlay says:

    OMG! yes! I may not ever actually buy that fabric, but it definitely inspires a case of WANT!

    (though a lot of your shop does that too)

    OOoh! meant to tell you. with some of your photos, it’s hard to guestimate the scale of the print. maybe add a shot with a quarter laying on the fabric. (I’m waffling on a cut because I don’t know if the print is small enough for the project I want if for…)

  2. Jennifer says:

    The fabric look beautiful O_O.. Love the rabbit jump over the moon part. *in consideration I have a pet rabbit*

  3. Trinlay, good point. I do put a clear ruler in some fabric photos, but not all. Looks like I may need to retake some pictures…

    Jennifer, we had a rabbit when I was a kid!

  4. Karla says:

    43 inches wide fabrics is nice for kimono. At $40 a yard, I don’t think I would buy this unless I wanted to use it for a specific / special project. I think it’s good to carry a range of items for sale, so go for it!

  5. Personally, I think $40 a yard for cotton is too expensive. OTOH, if you are making something small like coasters or covered buttons and can still come out ahead, it’s worth it to use high quality, original fabric. Any of those nice round designs would make beautiful buttons!

  6. This is definitely “special project” fabric, I agree.

    Most of my yukata fabrics measure around 14″ x 40″ (36 cm x 100 cm) and sell for $8 to $12 a meter. One meter of yukata fabric is 560 square inches and this new fabric would be 1,548 square inches per yard. I think, anyway. My math skills have never been that good.

  7. LJ says:

    Beautiful fabric! The cost per square inch doesn’t seem to be that much higher than the narrower fabrics (your math seems about right to me: about three times the amount of fabric for about three times the cost).

  8. Caitlin T. says:

    the fabric is sadly out of my price range, but very lovely–as are all indigo fabrics!

    hope you had fun in seattle!

  9. Kim Gibson says:

    Yes, especially if we could buy 1/2 yards. that piece is fabulous. Gotta love the hares.

  10. Kara says:

    1/2 yard would definitely be a great option. Inspirational, definitely. I can’t seem to find any indigo anywhere in Denver!

  11. Kate_Kate_Kate says:

    If you have suggestions for baby things (a small-ish futon or something similar that baby can lay on and play with toys, toes, fingers, Mama, Papa etc and save the carpet/flooring from baby drool/drippy nappy/spit up) I’d be very much interested in considering purchasing, as I’m going to be an auntie within the next 5 weeks.

  12. I will certainly offer this in smaller amounts than just by the yard! And yes, that means I’ve already placed my order and it is on its way…

    Kate, congratulations on your impending auntiehood!

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