Feeling a tad overwhelmed

After two weekends spent surrounded by the sort of beautiful textiles and antiques you’d expect to find in a museum or private collection and being able to not only photograph them, but actually touch them, I find myself with pages of handwritten notes and innumerable photographs to sort through (I stopped counting and just try to tackle a few dozen a day to get through them all). The San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia and Tribal & Textile Arts Shows at Fort Mason were amazing.

My primary focus was on all things indigo, but there were far too many other impressive items that caught my eye and my interest along the way. Every dealer I spoke with was generous enough to provide me with information and happy to show me hidden gems among piles of textiles.

So please bear with me a little while longer while I sort through information, photos, notes, and emails to get it all organized. I promise it will be worth it for a virtual tour of these celebrated shows. In the meantime, a little sample of some of the pieces I will be writing about later this week…

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