New feature – Indigo

Starting next week I will be writing an ongoing feature about indigo, including vintage dyed textiles, indigo dye and supplies, and indigo’s use through history.

To start, I will feature several galleries and dealers I’ve been meeting at the Arts of Pacific Asia and Tribal & Textile Arts Shows this February at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. I am grateful to those who have been willing to take the time and share their collections with me, to let me photograph these pieces, and answer my endless questions.

view of Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Mason Center

As many of the pieces are quite old, there may be limited information available about them. In some cases all that is known is the approximate era and region where the textile was created, but nothing more. We’ll take a look at shibori, saki-ori, zanshi-ori, sashiko, block prints, katazome and other techniques from Asia and around the world.

Stay tuned, the adventure begins Monday, February 15.

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