In the garden

My photo studio is generally anywhere I enough space and adequate light. These days that means the back yard, amid humming birds, wild rabbits, squirrels, scrub jays, and the occasional red tail hawk.

We’ve been having a bit of early autumn rain in the Bay Area this month. While we had a bit of dry weather yesterday, I grabbed my camera, mannequin and some jewelry for an impromptu photo session. The light was good and things looked so fresh, so I took some snaps of flowers, too.


This being Northern California, sometimes we have to really look for seasonal changes. They don’t just pop out at you as they do in more northern latitudes! When rosemary begins to bloom, I know autumn is here.


Earlier in the spring, these roses bud out in such a dark red that they appear nearly black. Later in the season they tend more towards a velvety red.


The sun is out again today and the clouds have dispersed for the time being. I’ll be photographing kimono scarves this afternoon, along with more vintage kimono silk and other fabrics for the KimonoMomo Etsy shop.

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