Introducing Blue Star Atelier

Very few people are aware that I started out 20 years ago as a jeweler, working with metal and stone instead of silk and cotton. For ten years I plied my trade on the Pacific coast from Seattle to Los Angeles as an itinerant vendor at craft shows and weekend markets. I was a regular in Santa Barbara, Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland and Eugene.

Eight years ago in Eugene, Oregon, all that came to an abrupt end when my car was broken into after a show and all my tools, materials, finished pieces, and camera were stolen. I allowed myself one really good screaming cry, filed a police report and that was it. No more jewelry for me.

Having moved back into my parents’ house last year, I discovered a stash of treasure packed safely away. A trunk full of beads, finished jewelery, notebooks full of sketches, partially completed projects, and a few dusty memories. I’ve been sifting through the assorted odds and ends to find pieces I’d made over a decade ago. It’s been quite an experience.

I’m still working out the details, coming up with a shop logo, etc., but I’d like to give you a taste of what I’m working on at this point. I will be photographing and listing many more items in the weeks to come.

These pieces and more will be available through my new Etsy shop, Blue Star Atelier. Let me know what you think!

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