Full circle

The complicated dance of having three (somewhat cranky) generations crammed under one roof has taken a new turn as I move my bed into Mom’s old studio. Three decades of craft supplies, unfinished projects, patterns, equipment, photos and books are being boxed up and moved out of the way, at least for now. I’ll be sleeping in here with two computers, several sewing machines, my own boxes of books, fabric, piles of kimono, and one custom-built work table that will definitely be coming with me when I move out.

What this means is that there will be delays in my ability to list new products as quickly as I’d hoped, but ultimately a more efficient and smoother way of doing business as I can finally find my own space amid the family chaos. That’s the plan, anyway.

It’s odd, this feeling of coming full circle. The room I’ve been occupying since Mom passed away was my old bedroom, but the studio was my first bedroom. I wonder what sort of dreams I’ll have sleeping in here tonight.

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  1. Lisa says:

    May they be good dreams of success…..

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