Sashiko books are now in!

I’ve just listed two new sashiko books direct from Japan, Sashiko no Hon and Sashiko no Hana Fukin. These are great little books to have on hand if you are just starting out with sashiko or want some colorful inspriation. They are full of color photos showing finished projects and how-to instructions.

Sashiko no Hana Fukin
Sashiko no Hana Fukin

These are both published by Ondori and use the same Olympus kits, thread and supplies I offer in my Etsy shop. I will be listing two other books tomorrow that are more complex and advanced, but if you’re looking for the basics, either of these first two books should prove helpful.

More thread colors and new kits will be listed tomorrow. I have also been sorting fabrics for vintage kimono fabric packs and will list those this week.

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  1. Zaius Nation says:

    The last time I said sashiko, somebody said “gesundheit”!

  2. Dr. Z, you are a card. It’s good to see you again!

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