At last! New sashiko items in stock

I’m trying not to crash both of my computers right now with photo uploads and listing new items, but all the new sashiko thread colors, kits and books should be up in the Etsy shop within the next 36 hours.

If you’ve never tried sashiko, now is a great time!  The sashiko items I carry are from Olympus of Japan, known for high quality traditional sashiko supplies. When completed, the sashiko kits become fukin, or little cotton hand towels. I’ve never had so many different thread colors in stock, so you can go a little crazy trying out different ones and get a feel for this fun technique. Each kit can be completed with only one or two skeins of thread, but many people buy more just to play with the colors and produce different effects.

Thank you for everyone’s patience–and nagging! I’m excited to be finally able to restock the shop with such a wide variety of items. 2008 was a really difficult year for my family and it’s been an uphill climb to get back to where my business was last spring. For those of you who emailed me with questions, especially the “when are new items coming?!” ones, I am really grateful you pushed me to get things done. I hope you will be happy with all the new shashiko, kimono and other items that will be stocked very soon. 

As for this year’s show schedule, it’s still in the works. It appears I will skip this year’s Fanime Con in San Jose, but I hope to be back next year. It was such a great show in 2008, but I’m sticking to smaller local shows and trunk shows for now until I get my feet back on the ground. Fanime ’08 was exhausting but utterly fabulous and we will be back!

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