Sashiko project #2

After coming to a sort of artistic conclusion on the first sashiko project I decided to start another. As the first project was entirely indigo and white, I wanted to give this one more color, but still keep it in somewhat muted tones and mainly focus on blues.

As with the first project, I wanted to keep it small. It’s nice to be able to fold up a project and take it with me so I can work on it at any time or just share my progress with a friend. Once again I went for a patchwork of  Japanese yukata cotton fabric pieces to form single long piece that could be folded in half to make a rough square. I played around with the pieces, tore or cut them to fit, lined things up so that any stitches on one side would compliment the other side as well.

sashiko tutorial project #2

As I currently am without a regular studio space of my own, I did this on the cutting table/desk in front of my computer. I suppose one reason I like small projects is that I can cram them into small work spaces. *cough*

This time I complimented the blues with some shades of green and soft taupe brown. A flash of pale yellow gives it a little extra something.

sashiko project 2 closeup 1

I’m not counting stitches, I just take it at an easy pace. I knit like a madwoman with the world’s tiniest stitches and have been told to drink a glass of wine before knitting in public as I make other people uneasy with the sheer tension and force of will I put into knitting. Sewing, however, is an entirely different beast for me, perhaps because I’ve been at it far longer.

sashiko project 2 closeup 2

Wow! The irises turned out very pretty, front and back. I’ll post more photos of this piece as I go, this is just what I had ready on the camera today.

I’d like to offer this project as a kit or a class. If you’re interested in either, let me know.

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