Trunk show, sale, and general craziness.

Catching up just a bit between scubbing floors and throwing out stuff… the kids and I are moving in a week and there is so much to do. Here’s a little bit of what is going on these days:

Friday, October 3rd was the fabulous, super amazing trunk show featuring KimonoMomo bags and scarves at King of Sole in downtown Bend, Oregon during the First Friday Art Hop. Wow! The response was fantastic and a lot of bags found new homes. One of my favorite scarves did, too. We’ve entered the holiday shopping season with a bang!

Here’s MJ, King of Sole’s proprietress, busy at work. She gave me a prime location in the shop and I couldn’t have asked for better. She’s a great buyer to work with and I’m grateful she gave me the opportunity to share her shop for the evening. Thanks, MJ!

Here are the ladies of the crew, including MJ’s mom. What a great team! There were blue drinks, cookies and chocolate at the door and they made sure everyone was having a good time.

I’ll miss you ladies!


And now onto this week’s specials… The Etsy Supply Street Team (ESST) is having a sale right now with the theme “Supply your holidays” and as I am a member, I’m offering 20% off select items in the shop. Since I just finished a massive fabric sale, for this sale I have instead marked down my Folkwear patterns and sashiko supplies as they were not included in the previous sale. For those of you looking to get started on sashiko, now is the perfect time. For those of you who regularly visit my shop for sashiko supplies, this is a great time to stock up.

October is going to be a busy month with the move, so I hope you’ll stick around and leave a comment or two to let me know you’re still reading. This will be a big plunge for me and rather scary as we’ll be moving 1,000 miles away from our little town in Oregon to the city of Denver, Colorado.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. DCup says:

    Your pieces are so beautiful. I really wish I had some disposable income right now. They would make some great gifts.

    I’ve picked up a 2nd job so maybe in time I can come shop at etsy!

  2. Elise Michaels says:

    Did miss something somewhere?? Moving?? Where to?? Will you still be at my beck and call when I need some fabulous scarves or whatnot??

  3. Noni says:

    My kid is going to miss your kid. Safe trip and let everyone know when you arrive safe and sound.

  4. I know it’s rather sudden, this whole moving thing. I haven’t even told my parents yet, mainly because I don’t want them to tell me it’s a ridiculous idea.

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