Ripe plums are falling

Drop a comment here if you know where that line is from! It’s been in my head since yesterday, when the notion that I needed to eat some local produce tickled me and I found the neighborhood kids munching on yellow plums across the street from my house. The plum tree is usually hidden from my view by two fairly useless, unidentified-variety fruit trees in my own yard. These were all planted by the brilliant folks who developed our subdivision back in the ’80’s or ’90’s. What fruit most of these trees produce is anyone’s guess, and many of them don’t seem to produce well at all, aside from beautiful blossoms in spring. Our high desert climate and short growing season don’t make for lively orchards, evidently. But oh, golden plums!

I think they are a type of Italian prune. I’ll add pictures in the next post, hopefully someone will be able to identify the variety. They are beautifully sweet and have a delightful floral aroma. The plan is to turn most of them into plum butter once I settle on a recipe that I like. Tomorrow I’ll be off to the shops to pick up canning supplies and sugar. Times like these I wish I’d spent more time working in the kitchen with my mother, picking up canning skills. Maybe next summer?

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  1. noni says:

    from the Chinese Book of Songs

    ripe plums are falling
    now there are only five
    may a fine lover come for me
    while there is still time

    ripe plums are falling
    now there are only three
    may a fine lover come for me
    while there is still time

    ripe plums are falling
    i gather them in a shallow basket
    may a fine lover come for me
    tell me his name

  2. dcup says:

    Hannah and Her Sisters!

    Mmmmmm. Plums. I just learned today that I can eat plums because they have a low glycemic index number.

  3. Great responses! Thanks for posting the whole thing, noni.

    Dcup, I didn’t know it was in Hannah and Her Sisters! It was also in Crossing Delancey (1988). That film makes me think of pickles and plums, but not pickled plums, thank goodness.

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