Velvet reels and spinning wheels

It’s always a bit of a race to score a treasury on Etsy. In the past I’d let them go by without much of a thought. Leave it to others to put together lists of interesting items that might, if they were very well put together, end up on the Etsy main page. Me? Couldn’t be bothered.

But oh, how times have changed. Now I delight in the race, watching the lists tick down to that magical number of 333 when the empty text box pops up at the bottom of the page and prompts me to “think carefully” about the title I’ll give my treasury. Hesitate and poof, it’s gone. Someone else (or rather, about 300 someone elses) with more nimble fingers will have nabbed it. Then the treasury list will be up to 600 or so and there won’t be any openings again until a few hundred expire and we’re back to fluttering over our keyboards, watching the countdown to 333…

So today when I noticed a post on the Etsy forums that the Treasury would be opening in an hour or so, I thought I’d give it a miss as I was just leaving to ride my bike to the post office and grocery store. By the time I returned I figured I’d check out the new treasuries that I’d surely missed, and lo and behold… it was 4 minutes to 333. I’d made it. So here it is, A Velvet Whimsy Treasury on Etsy, only available for viewing until Sunday 14 September.

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