Welcome September

Kumoricon was fantastic! Thank you to all of you who came by to say hello, new friends and old. It was great to meet you, dress you, and share kimono culture with you. I hope we meet again at Sakura-Con in April 2009!

Lots and lots of changes have been happening here at Chez Kimono, and every day seems like another challenge. This weekend I have been moving furniture, organzing my office space, taking product photos, uploading the new line of obi bags including messenger, cluch and shoulder bags to the KimonoMomo website and Etsy shop, and reading up on marketing.

Cresting Wave Obi Messenger Bag

Oh, and drinking tea. Gallons of tea. Mostly Earl Grey and green. Speaking of Earl Grey, check out my Etsy treasury with Early Grey as the color theme. Etsy treasuries only last a few days, and this one will be viewable until 1 pm EST Tuesday, September 9. It’s quite yummy, sweet and smoky, just the thing for early autumn.

In other news, I am updating my vintage kimono listings online. I know several of you have requested this at shows, so I’m finally getting it done. Please be patient as I photograph, measure and inspect each piece as it takes a lot of time! I’m glad to have them available to you all year round, not just at anime conventions and other shows, and look forward to having a more comprehensive stock of kimono, obi and accessories starting in 2009.

More news and new items, ideas and projects to come as we settle into fall. And YES! I will be making a sashiko project for you to view. I’ve been putting it off for far to long and now the fabric is calling to me, so I’ll get down to it. Thank you for all your nudges and reminders, I haven’t forgotten.

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