Back from Forest Grove

The fashion show at SakéOne was a success. We have so many fantastic photos, but for now the only pic I have to share is the one I took myself before the models left the dressing room and hit the runway. Our emcee, Gordon Heady stands in the center surrounded by Diane, Shauna, Annie and Jamie.

The first of four sets, this one featured formal kimono; two furisode and two kurotomestode. You may notice that some of the standard kimono dressing rules are being flaunted here (colored obijime on the kurotomesode instead of white, for example) and that the girls look a bit loose. Considering that we had 4 different sets to dress for, I was rushing to get them out the door with their clothes on, then changing kimono as quickly as possible as soon as they stepped back in the dressing room. Also, I’d sold out of many things at Fanime and had to make do with what was available.

More details and better photos soon to come. Our next kimono event should be Kumoricon on Labor Day weekend in Portland, OR, but I’m not positive yet. I’m still waiting to hear back from certain staff members about it. Fingers crossed all goes well with that one. Once I know for sure, I’ll post here and on the KimonoMomo website.

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