It’s almost showtime!

It’s almost here, kimono fans! The second annual kimono fashion show at SakéOne is nigh upon us. I, for one, am freaking out. I love this show, but it’s a lot of work. Like a fine meal, there’s more prep work than you’ll ever see and it’s gone in just a few minutes. Please join us and enjoy some fine locally produced and imported saké, live music, and vivacious company.

Due to popular request I’ll be scheduling some classes this fall, depending on where I am living at the time. (By popular request I mean all those of you who have looked at my business card and said “classes? what kind of classes do you teach?” because I’ve been vague about that so far. Anyway…) If you know of a quilt guild or other group that might like to have me come talk about Japanese textiles or learn a craft related to kimono, sashiko or such, please let me know. If I’m in the area (Oregon or Colorado this fall), I’d love to work with you.

I’ll post photos after the show this weekend. Hope to see you there!

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