Shibori musings, part II

Ohmigosh! yes, I know, it’s almost Tuesday. Yes, that Tuesday. Free Fabric Tuesday. And where have I been while not blogging for the past week? Getting really excited about Fanime Con, a huge anime (Japanese animation) gathering in San Jose, CA May 23-26. I am very, very excited. Did I mention I am excited? I’ll be selling vintage kimono, obi, and other items, so if anime is your thing and you’ll be in the area, check it out.

But now, back to the shibori.

blue shibori 1

This lovely piece is another in my personal collection. Actually, I do have some of it left and will consider selling it. I currently have a long piece of it hemmed for a scarf, which turned out to be quite an interesting piece. On the left is a closeup so you can see just how textured it is. The picture on the right shows the price tag: 46,000 yen! In today’s money, that’s something like $450 for a 12 meter bolt of cotton that’s only about 10″ wide. But oh, what cotton! The design is a repeating, interlocking, geometric hemp leaf. I must confess, when I bought it I was still very new to Japanese textiles and simply assumed it was a snowflake. Silly, of course, since snowflakes are for winter and this is most definitely a summer textile.

shibori close up

46,000 yen!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. shiborigirl says:

    that IS lovely! great design….lots of work in that piece.

  2. - says:

    If it were snowflakes, it’d still be pretty nice! I love snowflakes!

  3. #1) Thank you sooo much for that giveaway! I am so excited I’m gonna post pics everywhere!

    #2) That fabric you have up is so beautiful, it has alot of depth!

    #3) I wanna come and visit. I’m sooooo jealous that you are going to the convention. Gah.. I’d love to go to that! I’ll just sit here and be jealous for a while…

    I want lots of details when you come back!!

    Warm Blessings,

  4. Susie says:

    I have never seen such intricate tie-dying as on your shibori fabric, it’s amazing! Thank you for giving us info on it all.
    Susie x

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