October 27, 2014 Houston, TX

Houston House Building (Airbnb) – 2014 Houston International Quilt Market

At night, looking out over a flat, glittering city. Feeling oddly settled now that I know my way around this part of Houston from walking miles and miles of circles through it every day.

Knowing this building isn’t going to crumble in an earthquake is strange. I’m on the 28th floor and feel defiantly secure. At home I’m in a century-old house near an infamous fault line prone to shifting at any time. As I flew home from my last trip to the Midwest the flight attendants seated near me were reading the news on an iPad and mentioned an earthquake had just occurred in the Bay Area. I was both worried for my home and family, and disappointed that I missed the earthquake. It’s part of being Californian, the awareness that the ground beneath your feet could shift and change at any time. It of does, but so imperceptibly that we don’t even notice.

My hands are sore from sewing. More work to do in the morning.

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