Nov. 11, 2012 Cardiff, Wales

Sunday in the pub, Cardiff

There’s a pervasive loneliness to solo travel. I’m the sort of person who makes off-handed comments to strangers all the time, but here I feel out of my depth. Everyone seems so settled, not interested in chatting with a somewhat scruffy stranger. I suppose I’m much the same as them when I’m at home. Maybe not.

I’m outgoing when I feel secure. Today I feel adrift.

I’m worried for my business. I’m worried for my children. I’m worried for my finances. The only thing I’m not worried about is my relationship with Thomas. I have a lot of faith in him, and increasingly more faith in myself. I don’t feel any desire to pull or push the relationship, just nurture it.

So, shore up my finances, be a strong parent and supportive of my children, be a better business owner and employer, a good friend, and continue to improve my relationship with Thomas and that should help things run more smoothly.

Half a pint in.

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  1. Roxann Burns says:


  2. Karen Siverson says:

    Sending you lots of warmth and love!

  3. trl710 says:

    I usually love traveling alone–I have all kinds of adventures but I like to meet up with someone I know in the evenings to recap the day and discuss the differences and sameness.I do like talking to strangers and was told by a British friend that he can tell if it’s an American if they do so!

    1. It’s true. I lived in the UK for a while, and found people were generally not receptive to social interaction with strangers with funny accents. I’m also socially awkward, so being alone suits me. As for the evening recap, that’s my time for writing!

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