Little House Japanese Sewing Thimbles

We stock several types of sewing thimbles from the Japanese brand Little House, and I use many of them myself. Which one(s) do you need? That depends on the type of sewing you do, how large or small your hands are, the length of your fingers, your mobility issues (if any), preference for vegan or leather materials, etc. Here is an updated list of what we offer from this brand. You can also read my previous post on thimbles here. 

Palm Thimble – This is extremely helpful for sashiko and I have several on hand so I can always find one. Simple, economical, and comfortable, I highly suggest a palm thimble for stitching through multiple layers, heavy fabrics, and stitching long, straight lines.

This thimble is worn on the base of the middle finger of your dominant hand (i.e. right hand if you are right handed) and is used to push the needle through or guide a long sashiko needle. The “antique” brass thimble shown is from Little House and the shiny, plated thimble is from Clover. They are essentially the same, but I find the Little House thimble a little more comfortable with a slightly different shape and without the plating. One size, but adjustable. 

Ring thimble – Often worn on the area between the middle and upper knuckle on your middle finger, this thimble is useful when stitching with shorter needles, such as for quilting. I also use it when binding quilts. This thimble can be rotated to hit just the right spot for your hand, and can also be worn on other fingers if that works best for you. Instead of tearing holes in your fingers, why not use this ergonomic thimble to protect your skin? It’s easy to slip on and off, and doesn’t fly off the tip of your finger like a metal cap thimble might. One size, but adjustable.

Tortoise Thimble  – This thimble is like a tortoise shell covering your finger, with an open space for your finger nail to peek through. Handy if you like a full coverage metal thimble but also like to keep your nails long and manicured, this thimble comes in medium and large sizes and is slightly adjustable. Not suggested for those with swollen or arthritic knuckles as it tends not to fit well around a wide knuckle and narrow finger.

I used to avoid the “antique” brass thimbles shown above because one turned my finger green back in 2015. I’m not sure if the company is coating them now or if I’ve changed somehow, but the metal has not negatively affected my skin in years and I happily use all three of these thimbles when I sew (just not at the same time).

Silicon Gripper Thimble – While these won’t protect you from needle stabs, they will help you pull a needle through when they going gets tough. Made from lightweight, soft and flexible silicone, these little grippers come in small, medium, and large. With two in each package, you can use one on your index finger and one on your thumb, or get two different sizes if you need a larger one for your thumb. I typically only use one on my index finger. We also call these “rubber grip thimbles” in our shop as they feel rubbery, but they are silicone.

They have raised bumps on the finger pad and small holes for breathability. There is also a hole for your fingernail so it is easier to remove the gripper when you’re done. Best part? NO MORE PLIERS! Plus, these are prettier than using heavy tools for pulling needles, don’t you think? If you see us at a show, try them out by slipping your finger into the convenient size hole on the package.

“Denim” Leather Thimble – Looks like denim, feels like a glove. This thick and soft leather thimble is made from two types of leather: cow hide and deer skin. Embossed with a denim twill design and sewn with side seams but not top seam (for less bulk on the tip of your finger), this thimble is best purchased snug as like all of our leather thimbles it will stretch with use. Available in medium and large.

I admit, this one is a favorite of mine and I usually have one in my pocket, along with a palm thimble.

Basic Leather Thimbles in Black or White – These really are quite basic. They are, however, very comfortable and simple to use. They have a padded finger tip to help you push needles through and are made of ultra soft glove leather. These run a bit small, closer to a small/medium size, so not suggested for those with larger fingers.

Short Leather Thimble with Elastic – Short, snug, and a little stretchy, this one stays in place. The bit of elastic allows for some give while wearing and helps it to bounce back into its snug fit afterwards. A padded fingertip helps push needles through fabric, making this a handy thimble with your best interests in mind. Comes in medium and large.

Need more protection? We’ve got you covered.

Long Leather Thimble with Elastic – Like the feel of a short leather thimble, but have sweaty hands and find thimbles slip off with regular use? Maybe you do something crafty other than quilting, and need more protection for the rest of your finger? This glove-like thimble will stay in place and keep your nearly all of your finger covered.

Two options available, reinforced finger pad and soft/non-reinforced.

What do you think? We are certain to have more thimbles available in the future as we expand on our catalog, and I hope you find something you love from what we offer.




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