What would you like to know about Sashiko in Japan?

In preparation for my trip, I’m writing a list of questions to ask various sashiko artists and designers. What would you like to know? Two stops along my journey will be to interview Keiko Futatsuya of Sashi.Co and the Sashiko Design Team at Olympus.




If you have specific questions you’d like to ask about their work or sashiko in general, send me an email or post your question here on this post. I’ll do my best to ask it for you! olympus_36

Speaking of sashiko… Have you started your Spring 2016 Sashiko Challenge kit yet? Remember, the deadline for photo submissions is June 15, 2016 (I’ll be flying over the Pacific Ocean that day so if it’s a bit late I probably won’t notice, but it’s good to have an end goal, right?)

For Challenge rules and to order your kit, click here and create something beautiful. I can’t wait to see it!


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