Sashiko Classes for May

When I posted the May 18 class I mentioned there would also be a May 24 class… then I forgot to make an event listing for it. And then I made the listing but forgot to mention it here. I suspect the 20 hours I spent driving from Alameda, CA to Portland, OR last week for the SAQA Fiberlandia conference melted my brain just a little bit. Now I’m sitting in a hotel in Denver, CO, on a trip to make something fun and fantastic that I’ll be sharing with you later this year. And yes, my brain is still quite melted.

IMG_6606What will we be doing in these sashiko classes? Working with fun Japanese fabrics, getting a feel for sashiko needles and thread, and (I hope) having a good time. This is not serious art, this is mingei, folkcraft. Consider the groups of women who over centuries have sat together and sewn beautiful things for their families. Life was hard, not frivolous, and warm clothing meant survival, but I still believe they laughed together, even as they also cried together. Sashiko today may not carry the same weight, but we can get a feel for the sense of community and joy, right?

Here are links to my May 18 class and May 24 class. The May 18 class is filling up, but there are several spots available for the May 24 class. I hope you’ll join us, and please bring your sense of adventure! (If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to pay by credit card on the Eventbrite site, I am also accepting checks. Email me for the mailing address or call me at 925-360-3375).

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