My beautiful new studio!

After returning from Houston Quilt Market/Festival, unpacking boxes of stock and then getting even MORE delivered, I stood in the one tiny spot of bare floor left in my studio and wailed “I can’t move in here! I can’t breathe! I can hardly think!”

Thomas heard me. He picked up some scratch paper and a pen and plotted out my salvation: new shelves. After working more than a decade at Home Depot he knows a thing or two about building things, and with the Thanksgiving week holiday coming up (he’s now a 4th grade school teacher), he decided to take action.

Here are some “before” pictures of my studio space. I was too embarrassed to show much more than this. It was truly horrifying.

studio_before1 studio_before2

And here are the “after” pictures! What you don’t see is me hugging Thomas and telling him how much I appreciate all the work he and the kids did for me this weekend.

studio_after1 studio_after2Now that the studio shelves are finished (and filling up fast!), Thomas is building a set of bookshelves in the hallway so I have a place to move my library. The old shelves were falling apart under the weight of the books, and I’ve got more for the shop on order from various publishers.

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  1. Your new studio looks beautiful — Thomas did a fabulous job.

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