Shop News for May, 2013

Things are about to get very quiet for the KimonoMomo Etsy shop, and very busy here at The Ardent Thread blog.

I’m going to Japan with Shibori Girl!

On Monday, May 13 I’ll be saying goodbye to the dogs, my kids, my fiancee, and the garden to head out across the Pacific Ocean. I haven’t been to Asia in a looong time, and I’m very excited to be heading back. I’ve spent the past month brushing up on my Japanese language study, looking at maps, and anticipating all the lovely vintage fabrics and kimono to find over there.

The latest shipment from Kona Bay will be waiting for my return to be listed in the shop, and I’m expecting new fabrics in early June from Alexander Henry. I have a pile of vintage Japanese bits and bobs that have been waiting to be listed in the shop, and I will have plenty more to add to that pile when I get back in late May.

There’s a quilt being pieced together on my worktable right now, which seems to be how I cope with the stress of travel: I make quilts to feel more grounded to the place I come from. I started a small quilt before heading to London last year, but I can’t seem to find it now. The current quilt is based on Kaffe Fassett‘s Moody Blues pattern from his Passionate Patchwork book. I’m using all Kona Bay fabrics, mostly a mix of Ginkgo Tonals and designs by Nobu Fujiyama, including several from the new Hana Bashi collection.

Pictures of the new quilt, as well as travel photos, will be posted as I go along.

I hope to keep you interested and entertained!

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  1. Lis says:

    That’s wonderful, have an amazing time and I look forward to seeing what you do and what you bring back!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog – referred by another blogging friend here in Japan. I have fallen utterly in love with sashiko over the past two years living in Japan, and will soon be returning to the states. Have added your blog to my sidebar and your Etsy shop to my “sashiko” page. I hope you have a wonderful trip and find many treasures!

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