Where did the time go?!

Is it really June already?

I’ve been avoiding this blog for a while. Nothing personal, just been busy working on two different businesses; KimonoMomo, and The Word Sniper, my writing/editing business. Letting go of KimonoMomo has been my intention for quite some time now, but it’s an ornery process, one that keeps dragging me back into the luxurious clutches of deep silky stacks of folded kimono. Tonight I’m taking measurements and photos of the items not already listed in my shop, plus going through inventory of my vintage doll minis for those who have requested specific items and bulk orders. At times it’s really difficult to think of letting all of it go, but it has to be done.

So… please use the following coupon code until the end of this month: JUNESALE will get you 20% off your entire order, large or small, in the KimonoMomo Etsy shop.

KimonoMomo won’t be disappearing all together, however. I intend to continue carrying sashiko items for as long as there is a demand, and anything else left in stock after I move will be tucked away until I decide to throw another sale or trunk show. I’ve also been writing more on the subject of Japanese textiles and reading up on other Asian textiles as time permits. It’s a happy addiction.

More to come as I update my Etsy listings… this is my 200th post!

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