Ah, summer vacation

Between the KimonoMomo shop on Etsy, my new freelance writing/editing gig, the kids’ summer vacation, a nasty cold last week, and preparing to move house in a few days, I’ve had a hard time getting any writing done here on the blog.

To update:

The ningyo (Japanese doll) project is on hold while Anne Weaver deals with an emergency repair for another client. When you’re as good as she is, there is a demand for your services, and I don’t mind waiting. I told her to take her time with my little guy as we’d be moving and I didn’t want him to get damaged in the process, so he will sit quietly until Anne’s other work is finished.

I bought up the last of Kona Bay’s supply of these two Japanese shijira ori fabrics because they’ve been selling so well in my shop and I didn’t want to risk running out! At least, not yet.

Once these are gone, they are gone, so contact me if you would like more than a yard or two and I’ll set up a reserved listing for you. As always, the bundle of three fat quarters is very popular, so if you don’t see it in the shop, just ask and I’ll cut some for you.

The sashiko project I mentioned last month is sitting on my desk, waiting to be completed. I will get back to that soon and show you how it’s progressing.

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