News for June

I survived Fanime and have finally caught up with work and sleep! The next challenge here at Chez Kimono will be to move once again. We’re putting the family homestead on the market and starting fresh this summer. I was born and raised in this house, so it will be very odd not to have it to come back to anymore. However, it really is time to move on.

While moving is very exciting, it also means putting a lot of my work on hold yet again. My latest order of fabrics from Kona Bay will have to wait a little while longer, the pile of kimono to be recycled will be boxed up and left untouched until we settle again, and my garden plants will be distributed to friends and family in the area. With any luck, this time next year I’ll have another garden and maybe even a few chickens.

In the meantime, I’ll dig into my indigo notes and get back to posting about the beautiful blues I encountered back February. Sashiko items will be restocked soon, so if you have requests, let me know.

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  1. Gauss says:

    Hi there,

    Good luck with the move! It’s always difficult and particularly difficult in this case… Are you staying in the same area?

    I love your sashiko selection as it is right now. I just got my order, by the way – everything is perfect, thank you!

    1. We plan to move out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I love the hills and the coastal redwoods, but I miss the mountains!

      Glad the order made you smile.

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