get ’em while they’re here

First, some not-so-good news: I put in a call yesterday to reorder some of my best selling fabric bolts from Alexander Henry, only to hear that the bolts I want are no longer available. Despite being good sellers, some bolts just don’t have quite enough demand for reprints, which means the warehouse won’t restock them until enough back orders pile up. All of the companies I’ve contacted lately are feeling the effects of the economic downturn these days, which will limit our choices as consumers for quite some time to come.

Currently affected by this are the very popular Thunder Flower (all colors), Kitty Kokeshi (cream will not be reprinted, but turquoise and black will be available), and Zen Charmer by Alexander Henry (my mistake! I contacted the warehouse and it’s still in stock). The Geisha Four Seasons panel by Kona Bay appears to be out of print as well. I cannot reorder these bolts until there is enough demand for them to be reprinted, so get them while you can. If you don’t see the amount of yardage you’d like in my shop or if the fabric appears to be sold out, contact me. I usually reserve some of each bolt for custom orders.

Now for the definitely good news: Kona Bay has some gorgeous new fabrics available this month, including the newest Nobu Fujiyama line, Cherish. I have already reserved a few of these bolts but would like to hear from you which colorways and designs you would prefer to purchase, or if there are other bolts on the site you would be interested in. I know what I like, but what do you like?

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