New in the shop

I will be listing new items throughout the day, including the latest shipment of sashiko supplies. Yes, that means the thread prices will be going up (needles, thimbles and kits remain the same price), but not until I get to them. Right now I’m focused on getting other things listed first, so there is still a bit of time to grab a bargain.

Temari Sakura Sashiko Kit

Also new are two beautiful Kimono Silk Scarves. I have decided to discontinue my line of Obi Purses and will be listing the remaining fabrics by the piece in February. Despite many requests for new bags, I find that they are not where my focus is anymore and I can’t put my heart into them like I used to. Scarves will be limited in the future also, as I shift towards my first love, the fabric itself. Expect to see many more bolts of both Japanese and American cottons, vintage kimono silks, and other fibers as I come across them.

Blue Mountain kimono silk scarf

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